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Ceramic Painting, Canvas Classes and DIY Workshops


Open studio for ceramics. Reservations for larger groups suggested.

Choose Your Piece

We have hundreds of pieces to choose from including home decor, functional pieces  & seasonal items.

Our inventory changes often so there is always something new. 

Start Painting

We have Idea / Instruction books to give you inspiration. Stencils, stamps, and tools to give you guidance.  We can show you tricks of the trade along with interesting techniques to help make your piece look amazing. Being an artist is not required! 

Fire When Ready

Complete your masterpiece... an hour or two, a day or multiple visits...when you are satisfied with your work, just leave the mess and we'll take care of the rest! We'll fire your pottery in our kilns and have ready for pickup in 3-7 days. We can even ship it to you!

Canvas & DIY Classes

All Classes and workshops require pre-registration.

Sign up for a Class

Choose a class from our event calendar. 

Sign up and register online or give us a call.

A great night out on the town with your friends, a date or maybe just by yourself to relax and unwind.  

Relax, Have Fun, Paint

No experience necessary!!! 

Our AMAZING teachers guide you through the process with step by step instruction.  

Have a beer or enjoy a glass of wine. 

Paint the night away!

Find Your Inner Artist


 Classes usually range 2-3 hours.

Go home with an amazing piece of art you never realized you could create. 

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