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Amazing Glaze Info Video

Amazing Glaze Info Video

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Julia V

This is a favorite place to visit in Montrose.

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Gracie M.

I always go here for an activity. I love it and so do all of the children I bring and have seen there. The staff is so great and very nice it is a great environment for families or friends. I would choose this activity out of others in town!



We have been going here for years. My daughter makes the family all their birthday and Christmas gifts here. Plus some days we just go for fun. She is now 5 yrs old and has been painting here since she was almost 2 yrs old. The staff is wonderful with children and very helpful. The owner is such a wonderful person. Cherie always has a smile on her face. She's more than happy to show you new painting Technics and help set up and clean up. You are treated like royalty. It is so easy to have your creative juices flow in such a positive atmosphere. We also had my daughter's birthday party there. It was the best birthday party my daughter has ever had. With a room of three year old kids, I thought it would be crazy, but the staff were always one step ahead. The kids and the parents had fun. It was so cute to see how proud all the kids were of their artwork. Plus, the plate you take home is priceless. I recommend this place to anyone. You and your family are guaranteed to have fun!




Coming here is always such a joy. The staff is so helpful. Great variety of pieces and colors to choose from.

We're on spring break so I brought my boys to Amazing Glaze and had such an amazing time. There's so many cute figurines to choose from, small and big. It was our first time visiting and the staff was super helpful letting us know what to do and how many coats a of paint to add, as well as setting out supplies. I must say that it was nicely affordable and it won't be our last visit. We still need to go back within a week to get our finished ceramics. Can't wait!

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